Need Chiro Treatment? Call us: 319-653-2351

Need Chiro Treatment? Call us: 319-653-2351

Need Chiro Treatment? Call us: 319-653-2351Need Chiro Treatment? Call us: 319-653-2351Need Chiro Treatment? Call us: 319-653-2351

Appointments: 319-653-2351

Manage Pain, Maintain Alignment, Maximize Health


Who We Are

Tweeton Family Chiropractic, PLC is owned and operated by Dr. Daniel Tweeton.  As a fourth generation chiropractor, he is dedicated to providing quality service to his patients.  

What We Do

Spinal misalignments are a problem that can cause many issues in addition to pain.  We will help identify and address any spinal misalignments you may have.

Our Solution

Dr. Dan uses hands on chiropractic treatment to correct misalignments.  We also have self-care products available at our office location.

Understanding spinal misalignments

The Cause


The cause of spinal misalignments are different for each person.  A single traumatic event such as a car accident or slip and fall can cause misalignments.  Misalignments can also occur over time with repetitive stress such as lifting with poor form or sitting at a desk for hours at a time.  Any stressor which increases inflammation and muscle tightness in the body can also lead to misalignments.  This includes being in a state of chronic mental stress or consistently eating a poor diet.

The Problem


Misalignments can cause many adverse consequences to the body and overall health. The nervous system travels through our spine and is the primary communication network for our body. Interference from misaligned vertebra can result in improper function of the nervous system. While pain many be one of the symptoms, other problems may arise when the spine has misalignments.  

Chiropractic Treatment


The chiropractic adjustment is the treatment of choice for misaligned vertebra.  The adjustment uses a specific contact, line of drive, and force to correct any misalignments of the spine.  To aid in repositioning the vertebra, your chiropractor may use other modalities such as vibration and ultrasound.



Taking action to aid the chiropractic treatment can help maintain spinal alignment.  There are a number of options that can be done at home to help.  We offer a variety of products at our office to aid in self-care such as topical essential oils, nutritional supplements, TENS units, foam rollers, exercise bands, and more.


What our visitors had to say

- Isabella S.

"My favorite chiropractor!  Everyone at this office is kind, flexible, and accommodating.   A wonderful experience every time."

- Julie B.

"Dr Dan Tweeton is a very thorough and educated Chiropractor .  He does the best job of any Chiropractor who has adjusted my neck.  If you suffer from migraines or any neck issue , I would highly recommend him !!!" 

- Maria J.               

"A humble person.  I arrived with a horrible pain in my feet and I walked out normal, my pain was 50 percent."

- Debra C.

 "Always friendly and good service provided."  

- Kyle T.

"Awesome doctors!  Very easy to work with, very thorough and passionate in the right adjustment for each patient.  Both are Logan College if Chiropractic graduates with a passion for helping the overall wellness of a person."              

- Victoria E.

"Dr. Tweeton is a very knowledgeable and talented chiropractor dedicated to living healthy!  I highly recommend this office for maximum life improvement..."