Chiropractic Adjustment

Treatment for Spinal Misalignments

The chiropractic adjustment is the treatment of choice for correcting vertebral misalignments.  It uses a specific contact, a specific line of drive, and a specific force to correct problem areas. 

Hands On Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Daniel Tweeton believes in using hands on patient treatments to correct spinal misalignments.  The force applied can be modified to the needs of the patient, and the treatment is suitable for all age groups.

A Great Solution

Whether your spinal misalignments are due to a single traumatic event, repetitive stress, or being in an inflamed state, chiropractic treatment is here to help! 

Self-Care Products Available At Our Office


Nutritional Supplements

We offer a variety of nutritional supplements to improve health and wellness Including turmeric, joint support, CoQ10 and more.


Essential Oil Ointments

Essential oils contain natural anti-inflammatory properties which make them great for topical use.


TENS Units and More

TENS Units use an electrical current which may help block pain in sensitive areas.  We also offer other devices and equipment including foam rollers and therapy bands.

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